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PowerCurtain has been specializing in manufacturing and world-wide distribution of a wide range of high quality remote controlled DIY motorized window treatments for home and commercial use including classrooms, conference rooms, offices, hotel rooms and home cinemas. Since 2006, we have been developing the first-class electric curtain motor systems, while providing the best solutions to home and office automation projects. 

Our main products include Motorized Curtain Track Systems (Model: CL-820), Motorized Roller Blinds, Motorized Roman Shades, Motorized Projection Screens and Motorized Vertical Blinds. Our window treatment kits are designed to fit any size window (opening), wall or ceiling mount and can be custom-adjusted to open in any direction of your preference: from left to right, from right to left or opening from the middle. 

CL-800 was our initial Motorized Curtain Track model#, which was introduced back in 2006. It was then followed by the CL-810T, which was introduced in early 2009 with some improvements. CL-820 is our latest model of the Motorized Curtain Track. Introduced in 2012, with even more user-convenience features and many critical quality improvements. 

Late in 2014, we introduced CL-920 Curtain Track System. It come in five different variations. CL-920A comes with a Power Adapter, which plugs directly into the household power outlet. CL-920C3 was designed to be connected directly to the electrical system. CL-920C4 connects directly to the electrical system with optional wall switch prevision. CL-920C6 connects directly to the electrical system with constant power source to the motor (a requirement by some home automation systems). CL-920C3-WiFi connects directly to the power source and allows for controlling while using any Mobile Device such as IPad, IPhone, Galaxy or other compatible device. CL-920 is loaded with features such as a motor burn protective mechanism, initiation of curtain opening and closing via slight pull on the curtain, ability to be custom shaped into any form or shape, as well as many more outstanding additional features. 

S168 is our latest "flagship" model of Remote Controlled Motorized Curtain Track System. Introduced early in 2018 with first shipment made in June, S168 series of PowerCurtain's true commercial grade Curtain Track System has proven to be the best in the market of its kind. Just like its predecessor, CL-920, S168 comes in five different motor flavors, S168-A, S168-3Y, S168-3Y-WiFi, S168-4Y and S168-6Y. S168 comes with all standard features that were included in CL-920 with additional control for multiple stopping points, three speeds (13 CM/S, 15 CM/S, 17 CM/S) of opening and closing operation and more power to handle even heavier curtain fabrics. Same as with CL-920, at customer's request, PowerCurtain can bend and or curve S168 Track into any shape or form, based on customer's needs.

DIY Motorized Window Treatments

What sets us and our products apart from others is that before shipping, we personally customize and test each and every unit for reliability, durability and performance. “Easy Installation” is one of the most important features of our window treatment products. With a complete set of installation instructions (packaged with every order), any DIY customer can easily install our product within minutes. 

With over 40,000 square feet, our manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China and our two distribution centers on the East and West Coasts of the United States, we have been fulfilling orders for our customers all over the world for the past 20 years. Our customers include major Hotel chains, Schools, Hospitals, Movie Theaters, Home Automation Centers, Construction Companies, Home Improvement Centers, Interior Designers and of course, individual end-users. 

• Highest Quality
• Affordable Price
• Simple Installation
• Easy Operation 

We provide a full one-year warranty on every product purchased. We take TQM as our quality assurance program and apply 100% inspection before your order is shipped. For bulk orders we provide 1% of extra on major parts for warranty repairs at no extra cost.

Please refer to the Owner's Manual for details. Unless DOA or otherwise agreed upon, customer is responsible for shipping the defective product back to us and we will cover the shipping cost of the replacement unit(s) and/or parts. For warranty replacements, please ship your defective product(s) together with a copy of your original receipt and an RMA# to: PowerCurtain, 210-07 Horace Harding Expressway, Oakland Gardens NY 11364. 

With more than 20 years of electric motorized curtain manufacturing experience, we are happy to offer business cooperation to any national (within the greater United States) and/or international Distributors, Interior Designers, Builders, Agents and Do-It-Yourselfers. Please feel free to contact with us with any questions, concerns, or to receive a price-quote. We will be more than happy to assist you. 

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• Purchase Orders (contact us to obtain pre-approval) 

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• We are a retail and wholesale e-commerce megastore. There is NO minimum order quantity
• If you are interested in placing a major order with us (over 50 units), please email us a Letter of Intent on a Company letterhead and contact us to buy sample(s) at a discounted price
• We do accept OEM for bulk orders. Please contact us for a price quote
• We do not provide any FABRIC with our motorized curtain systems