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Angled Design

With PowerCurtain CL-920 model of Motorized Curtain Track System, you are not limited only to a straight track. You can choose to have a variety of angles and/or custom bends at any distance of the track. You can have multiple angles measuring standard 45°, 90°, 135° or have our production department custom bend your track based on your specific project / application. The curtain of the angled window is attached to the track and in addition to covering the window, it allows for enhancement of interior design, and allows the required amount of light into the room/space by opening it to the desired/appropriate angle.

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For best results, please email detailed information to our sales team with specifics of your project.
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Angled Design CL-920 - demo #1

Angled Design CL-920 - demo #2

Angled Design CL-920 - demo #3