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CL-920 Curtain Track Assembling Instructions

Step 1: Peel off the protection clear film on both sides of the Track

Step 2: Making sure that the Green Drive Belt is inside the Channel of the inner Track

Note: During the assembling process, pay attention to the Green Belt which should be inside the channel of the inner Track.
If it slips out at any part of the track, use a small flat headed screwdriver to push it back in.

Step 3: Unfold the Track into a straight line as shown in images 1-4 below



Step 4: Re-assemble partially disassembled Master Carrier

• Note: Make sure it stays inside the Track as shown below. (Slide it back if it does not)

Step 5: Turn the Track sideways. Slide the silver Track Connector into the middle of the two Track sections. Tighten the four screws as shown in images 1-4 below

• Note: While doing it, push the 2 Track sections together as close as possible. (You may move the partially disassembled Carrier and the White Buckle to come together if needed. Be noted that the Green Drive Belt must not be bent or crooked)



• Do not over tighten the screws which might create a splice at the joint, but the screws should be tightened enough that are able to fix the two sections together

• The Silver Track Connector should be equally in the two Track sections and with two screws on each track section.

Step 6: Put the Track facing up and disassemble the partially disassembled Carrier

• There is a Master Carrier which is partially disassembled and a white Buckle is next to it. Disassemble it by taking out the two screws, remove the Bar and take out the Silver E-spacer.

Step 7: Put the E-Spacer into the two White Buckles

Step 8: Hand move the Master Carrier back and forth the whole Track a few times to make sure it travels smoothly along the Track

Step 9: Skip this step if the Carrier travels the Track smoothly. In case the Carrier travels sluggish, loosen the screw (only a couple turns) on the Stopper, pull the Idler outward (the arrow direction) slightly which will straighten the Drive Belt inside the Track, which is causes the sluggish movement

• Hand move the Master Carriers back and forth the whole Track a few times to make sure it travels smoothly throughout the whole Track. Re-tighten the previously loosened screw on the Stopper.

• Warning: It is very important to make sure the Master Carriers are travelling along the Track completely back and forth smoothly. If not, reverse the steps and start over again step by step carefully. Contact us for help if needed

Step 10: Assemble the Master Carrier as shown in images 1-4 below

• Tighten good the two screws on the Bar

• Hand move the Carrier to make sure it travels smoothly on the Track

• Warning (Very Important): Do NOT hold the Track by one end and lift it up. Especially if the Track is composed of two or more segments and has joint(s). When handling the Track, hands must hold the Track on both left and right sides, next to the joint, to avoid creating a splice. Please make sure you have an assistant to help if the Track is long.

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