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CL-920 Curved Single Track

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CL-920 Curtain Track

PowerCurtain CL-920 Motorized Curtain Track is available in five different motor models:

CL-920A   - comes with a 110-240V Power Adapter that plugs directly into any standard household wall outlet

CL-920C3  - comes with three open wires to be connected to the power lines directly

CL-920C4  - allows for a Wall Switch as a middle-man for power connection. The four open wires from the Motor should be connected to the Wall Switch where the Power lines are also connected

CL-920C6  - allows for a Wall Switch as a middle-man for power connection. The six open wires from the Motor should be connected to the Wall Switch where the Power lines are also connected. With constant power supply to the motor (requirement by some models of Home Automation Systems)

Methods of operation:

Remote Control is required to operate the curtain track system. Hand pulling the curtain a few inches forward or backward will also activate the motor, moving the curtain to the end of the track. Wired or wireless Wall Controls are also available as R35-C1 or R35-C2. Additionally, by purchasing optional Smart Control Kit, your Curtain Track System can be controlled through Mobile Device, Apple, Google, Amazon Echo & Alexa or any other Home Automation or Voice Control System

What is included:

Price includes the specified size Curved Single Motorized Curtain Track, Motor, Power Adapter, Single Channel Remote Control ($20 with system purchase), Mounting Brackets, Curtain Runners and Master Carrier. This is a complete system that comes with all necessary instructions, parts for installing, configuring and automating your Power Curtain project. (note: curtain itself is not included)


Touch-start function Touch-start function
Draw the textiles about two inches, the curtain motor is automatically started, which brings more conformable and automatic experience
System bounce System bounce
The system is able to detect the extruding of the textiles and bounce to the place to avoid the extruding. It keeps the curtain flat and vertical, which makes the curtain more beautiful and nice
Stop softly Stop softly
The system finds it stop limit automatically and stop softly at its limit electric counting

Manual operation function Manual operation function
It is possible to draw the curtain manually, by hand, in case of power failure
Various protection Various protection
The system protects itself in case of hindrance, over-load
Dual motor system Dual motor system
To increase the system load, there can be two motors in one track to support heavy curtains system

Quiet design Quiet design
As low as 33dB when the motorized curtain track is working
Various controlling Various controlling
Wireless RF control, Wall Switch control, RS485 Logic control, high voltage control for different applications
Memory for limit setting Memory for limit setting
There is memory for limit setting in case of power failure without any curtain textile pulling, this prevents for frequent system initialization under unstable power source

Slow start and slow stop function Slow start and slow stop function
You can enable or disable this function dependent on your preference. Initially it is disabled as a factory default setting
Intelligent high voltage control Intelligent high voltage control
There is a built-in intelligent high voltage control module inside the motor. It consists of touch-start operating function, remote control and low voltage switch control under high-voltage control system. (for C model, the high voltage signal must be provided to enable these functions)

Available options:

• Home Theater or Home Automation System connectivity port is available at $35
Smart Control Kit (Apple, Google, Amazon, mobile device) is available at $139
Timer Control (operates up to 20 operations daily with multiple systems) is available at $175
• The Track is designed with Curtain Runners (Eyelets) for Pinch-Pleated Curtain with hooks. The Track can be used for Ripplefold Curtain by replacing the Eyelets with Ripplefold Curtain Runners and Ripplefold Buckle Tape for the curtain. The Buckles are 4 15/16 inches (125mm) spaced on the Tape.There are three options for the spacing between the Ripplefold Runners:
     • 2 3/8 inches (60mm)
     • 2 3/4 inches (70mm)
     • 3 1/8 inches (80mm)
As an option, standard Eyelets can be replaced with the Ripple Fold Runners and the Buckle Tape for additional cost.

Remote Control options:

• 1-Channel Remote Control, add $35 (add only $20 if purchased with system)
• 3-Channel Remote Control, add $45 (add only $30 if purchased with system)
• 6-Channel Remote Control, add $55 (add only $40 if purchased with system)
• 32-Channel Remote Control (OLED Display), add $85 (add only $50 if purchased with system)

Straight CL-920 Track must be used as a straight track and is not recommended to be manually bent or curved by the customer.
Curved or Angled CL-920 Curtain Track is available from PowerCurtain as an option and must be custom made. Please email us for custom fabrication quotation. Assembling is required for Track size over 8ft in length. If desired, please email us to request assembling for instructions. Additional CL-920 Curtain Track System can be mounted together as a Dual-Track system which is usually used for a solid style curtain in front and a sheer style curtain behind the solid curtain, in the back. CL-920 Dual Curtain Track system can be operated independently or simultaneously with the Remote Control, Wall Control Unit or Optional Mobile Device.


PowerCurtain CL-920 Curtain Track is made of thick steel and is heavy duty or commercial grade product. It requires special electric saw in order to adjust it's length shorter. If the required length of the Track is shorter that what you can see on our website, please notify us, so that we will adjust it for you. There is no additional charge for having us cut it to the exact size, required by your project.
Curtain Runners are provided based on 4 inches apart between 2 curtain hooks. e.g. 16ft Track = 192 inches divided by 4 = 48 hooks + 1st hook = 49 Curtain Runners are built onto the Track. If your curtain is designed/manufactured with more (or less) curtain hooks, you may request more (or less) Curtain Runners from us.

Model Voltage Frequency Power Torque Speed Line Speed Insulation Level Protection Index
CL-920 AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz 50W 1.6N.m 100rpm 10cm/s E IP41

Load chart according to track length:

Load chart according to track length

Dimensions and Installation measurements:

Dimensions and Installation measurements

High Voltage Wiring:

High Voltage Wiring

Low Voltage Wiring:

Low Voltage Wiring

Available Parts & Accessories:

Available Parts & Accessories
Available Parts & Accessories


• CL-920 is a true commercial grade, virtually silent operation, Motorized Curtain Track System
• Quiet and Comfortable experience as low Noise improving as less than 36dB, and free of lubrication
• Allowing for curtains to be opened and/or closed manually (by hand) when power is off
• When power is on, motor can be started just by light touch of the curtain fabric
• Bounce to the right position automatically to get rid of the extrusion of fabric
• Stopping points can be pre-set by manual pull, which adjusts the shading of light and tidy the fabric itself
• Built-in stop sensitive components allows it to find its limits and stops by counting automatically, which eases installation and setup process
• Stop by counting precisely without accumulated error, which avoids the system instability and noise caused by inaccurate counting
• Diminishes the noise caused by clutch on and off by completely new EM clutch
• Applicable in medium-scale curtain by its quality drive shaft with big torque, pull force not less than 8Kg and load weight not less than 50kg
• Efficiently increases the force and load weight for heavy-load curtain system by adding a secondary motor with perfect synchronization in one single track
• Satisfying various applications by control options like RTS, IR Control, pulse control, BUS control and smart high voltage
• 100% Compatible with Crestron, Lutron, Control 4, Apple HomeKit and other major brands of Home Automation Systems



• Controlled by either remote control (RF) or a control pad (Optional) • Safe and reliable design
• Timer (Optional) • Power adapter approved by GS, CE, or UL
• Choice of (1 to 1) or (multi) remote control • Wired directly into household power circuit (optional)
• Built-in Connectivity Interface for Home Automation (optional) • Input voltage: 100V~240V/ 50Hz~60Hz
• Perfect for consumer and/or commercial applications • Torque: 1.6Nm
• Center, Left or Right opening • Operation power: 50W
• Straight or (optional) curved track • Overloading protection
• Stops at any position preferred • Built-in manual operation clutch
• DIY-Easy to follow video instructions • Maximum load: up-to 100 lbs per Motor
• Easy installation, simple operation • 2 year limited warranty
• 5 year extended warranty available
• Elegant operate function
• Electronic limit
• Light open and light close function
• Built – in radio receiver
• Resistance and stop function
• Light touch – start function
•Power off – manual function

CL-920 & S-168 Additional Installation & Configuration Instructions:

• CL-920 & S-168 Curtain Tracks & Accessories Dimensions  | View |   Download |
• CL-920A single track system set-up instructions  | View |   Download |
• CL-920C4 single track system set-up instructions  | View |   Download |
• CL-920 one channel remote control programming instructions  | View |   Download |
• CL-920 three channel remote control programming instructions  | View |   Download |
• CL-920 wireless wall control R-35C1 & C2 instructions  | View |   Download |
• CL-920 ripplefold style track assembling instructions  | View |   Download |
• CL-920 TP Link smart plug & adapter 1450 cable instructions  | View |   Download |
• CL-920 measuring standard & regular curves instructions  | View |   Download |
• CL-920 one-way pull to center-open conversion  | View |   Download |

Additional Info

Additional Info

Color: White
Size: 1" x 1 1/2" x 3ft to 37ft (custom length)
Weight: 45.0000
Country of Manufacture: United States


Customer Reviews (1)

Great value, and works perfectlyReview by David R. Pinkus
It was hard to find any useful reviews of these curtain rods, but I took a chance and bought one anyway after much research. I got one 16' long, center opening, with motor. It was relatively easy to install, but took me about 4 hours and I needed help lifting it into place after everything was put together and checked. I have only had it a little over a week and it works great. Now some of my friends are buying them for their houses.

Installation would have been easier and faster if my stud finder had been working. Stanley makes a stud finder and laser level combination tool that Lowes sells for about $40. If I had one, it probably would have saved me a few hours that I wasted trying to find studs and leveling the brackets.

Assembly was easy, hooking up the motor was a 30 second operation and hooking it up to the brackets took about 15 - 20 minutes.

When I ordered it, I called the PowerCurtain sales representative. The guy that answered the phone took my measurements and made sure I got the size I needed. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. If you want to know more about these rods, just call them and they will answer all your questions,

The way this is built, it should last for years. If the motor goes out, it can be replaced in a few minutes. We had an outlet installed in the wall at the level of the rod before we ordered it. This was not necessary. The cord is long enough to reach an outlet on the wall at normal level without an extension cord.

I built a cornice box out of stained 16' long 1x6" lumber. The brackets are strong enough to hold it too.

You can buy 2 of these for the price of one of the more expensive models. This is a great value. (Posted on 1/23/2018)

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Additional videos are available at PowerCurtain YouTube Channel

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CL-920 motorized curtain track unfolding CL-920 adding or subtracting curtain runners CL-920 inserting or removing a motor
Using iPhone app to control CL-920C3-wifi track Using Amazon Echo to control CL-920 track Using Control 4 to operate the CL-920 track


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