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Controlling CL-920C3WiFi Track via iPhone or Android Mobile Device


List of items required to Purchase or Download:

• PowerCurtain CL-920WiFi Motorized Curtain Single Track or Dual Track System
Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy mobile device
• PowerCurtain CL-920 Smartphone Control: Gateway (one unit per house)
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• Instructions on how configure your Mobile Device with your newly purchased CL-920C3-WiFi Motorized PowerCurtain Track System 


• Demonstration: CL920-C3-WiFi PowerCurtain System controlled by Apple iPhone 

Installation & Configuration Instructions:

• Instructions on how to configure your newly purchased PowerCurtain CL-920C3-WiFi Curtain Track with your Mobile Device using gSmart Life App | View | Download |
• Where to find and download gSmart Life App for your mobile device | AppShopper | Apple iTunes |