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CL-920 Curtain Track Measuring & Resizing Instructions

How to properly measure your PowerCurtain curtain track:

Curtain Track Measuring Instructions

How to dismantle and reassemble your PowerCurtain motorized curtain track system:

1. First, dismantle the track (view instructions video below):

Note: Be very careful of handling the green drive belt (inside the track), which should not be folded in order to avoid creating edges on the belt. Circle the belt instead of scrambling it.

2. Track cutting instructions:
- When cutting the track, cut the very end portion of the track
Note: Do not cut the middle section of the track where two sections are joined together

- If this is a center open track and consists of two sections, cut both sections evenly. Again, cut the very end portion of the track, not the middle.

- After completing cutting step, file all edges of the track until smooth finish is reached. Check and be sure that the drive unit can be inserted smoothly.

3. Re-assembling center open curtain track system (view instructions video below):

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