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Guidelines for proper Measuring of Motorized Drapery Tracks

Always use a high quality steel tape measure.  Try to be as accurate as possible.   Although we provide the flexibly to create your custom product to your exact specifications, ultimately you are responsible for the measurements provided.  

Drapery tracks will usually be an outside mount treatment, being mounted several inches above and beyond the window opening.  A general rule of thumb is to mount the tracks at least 6" above and at least 4" to the left and right beyond window opening.  If you require a certain amount of space to be exposed when the draperies are fully opened, then you will need to add an amount for stack back  to the width for ordering.  Please remember to order the full amount of track width you will need to accommodate the stack back.  Motorized drapery tracks are not expandable; you will need to order the exact width you need.  You are responsible for the measurements provided to us.

Stack back is the amount of space required for the drapery to be compressed to when the draperies are fully open.  For standard pinch pleated draperies, the rule of thumb is one third of the track width will be taken up with stack.  If you are measuring from the area you need exposed, please take this amount times 1.5 to find the total track width needed.

If you need to reduce the stack back, you may consider using the Accordiafold System.  Stack back can be reduced substantially with this system.  This is a special track system, using special carriers and a special header tape on the draperies.   Please let us know when obtaining a quote if you are interested in this system.  

Brackets for drapery tracks can be mounted as wall mount or ceiling mount.  They can be installed at varying points to give support along the track, and should usually be about 16"  to 20" apart, preferably mounting into studs to be able to support the weight of the drapery.  If a  bracket will not have a stud available, then molly bolts should be used to hold the bracket firmly to the wall.
When measuring for the drapery track, please measure at the height on the wall where the track will be located.  Please be mindful of any adjustments which may be needed for crown molding. 

It is a good idea to be mindful of the location of electrical outlets; if you are ordering a track system  with remote control, this may determine on which side of the track you will want the motor to be located.  

Guidelines for proper Measuring of Draperies

For correct operation of any motorized drapery system, draperies need to ride just beneath the tracks and they need to be at least ¼"  to ½" off the floor or other platform. This allows the draperies to flow without obstruction and prevents the effect of drag on the motor.   The various systems we carry have slightly varying track dimensions; however, the differences are negligible.  If you measure from top of track to floor, then deduct 2", this should be very near to accurate for any of the systems we carry.  If you need more precise information about the actual track height of any system, please contact our sales department.

If you are ordering a Center Split Drapery system and draperies, you may accomplish this with one single system and in many cases, you only need one motor.  For large or heavy draperies, we have systems available with more powerful motors, and for some applications, tandem motors may be advisable.  With center split draperies, you will be using two drapery panels which move apart from the center when opening.  You will have a center overlap, with the overlap arms being attached to the master carriers on the track system.  The overlap is usually about 3.5" to 4".

If you are ordering a one way draw system, you will have a single track with all the fabric stacking on one side.  

Projection is the next thing to measure.  This is called the drapery return.  This tells the distance you want the drapery to be out from the wall.  If you are installing a drapery in front of a projection screen or other projection, please take the depth into account and add to the normal projection.  Normal projection for draperies is about 3.5 to 6".  If you need a larger return, please check with our sales department.

Additional information

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If you need additional tips for measuring for valances, swag or other drapery treatments, please contact us, we will be glad to offer guidelines.