Motorized Window Shade Kits

Upgrading your window shades and blinds is one of the more inexpensive and easy ways to change the decor of your home or apartment.
Imagine what a new set of shades will do for the look of your home's interior environment.
It can drastically alter the feel of your abode, and enhance not just your inner sanctum, but it will impress your friends and family.
But what if you took it a step further?
How cool would it be to pick up a remote and open your window coverings?
You could also open or close your shades with a home assistant module such as Amazon Alexa, or even use your iPhone or smart phone.
Have you ever been eating dinner with the sunlight in your eyes? What about when the sun hits the TV screen? Annoying right?
No one wants to have to get up in the middle of dinner or watching a favorite television program just to close the shades.
Now you don't have to!
Simply push a button and your shades will come down on their own.
In fact, your friends won't even know you've done it, until the shades start to drop.
Motorized shades are great for the bedroom too. Leave the shades down until you wake up, and then open them in the morning to let the sunshine in from bed.
You can open or shut your shades from anywhere in the house, or even driving on the way home, or from work or the office.

We offer both motorized roman shade kits and motorized roller shade kits.

Our kits are totally DIY, so you won't have to pay for an expensive installation.
We even have online installation videos to help you, should you need them.
Each shade kit comes with a full one-year warranty, so no worries!

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