Motorized Window Treatments

Looking to spice up your home or office with some cool window treatments?
The choice of fabric and the look for your curtains and shades is up to you of course. It all depends on your taste and the decor' of your space.
However, there is a unique way to establish a trendy appearance of making your window treatments more stylish and fashionable.
It doesn't matter if your curtains and shades are modern or old fashioned, having a motorized track system will make all your friends jealous and green with envy.
Imagine the surprise as your curtains suddenly open or close on their own (as you discreetly engage the remote control under the table).
Your friends and family may even start making excuses to come and visit you more often, just so they can grab the remote and start playing with your window treatments.
Who wouldn't enjoy opening and closing the curtains without even being near them?
Your friends may even start to race one another, seeing who can open the curtains the fastest.
In fact, you don't even have to be at home when you engage your curtains, because you don't necessarily have to use the remote. You can activate the motor via a smart phone or iPhone from any location. You can also use a home assistant such as Amazon's Alexa and so on.

In all seriousness though, having curtains that open and close with a push of a button will make your life distinctive, colorful and much more convenient.
It will make your decor' and the feng shui of your space that much more glamorous and refined.

Motorized Window Treatment Kits

We have several motorized window treatment kits to choose from including curtain track systems, roman shade kits, and roller shade kits.

DIY Motorized Window Treatments

Our kits are totally DIY, and are very simple to install.
We have helpful installation videos at YouTube, so you can easily follow along to a video as you install your motorized tracks and shade system.
Our FAQ section has some helpful info too.
On our website there is a convenient installation section as well.

All of our motorized window treatment kits come equipped with a full one-year warranty.
Want to know more about our company? Check out the about us page.