Motorized Curtain Track Systems

Home automation is becoming a very popular thing these days.
Just about everything in the home is soon to become automated, including opening and closing your window curtains and shades.
One of the truly coolest home accessories on the market today is a curtain track system that runs on its own motor.
Now you can be sitting on the couch, in the kitchen preparing dinner, stepping out of the shower, or on your way home in your car, and be able to close or open your curtains remotely.
Think of it...... you're asleep in your bed and night starts to fall.
You're pretty relaxed at the moment, and don't wish to move from your slumber, yet you don't want the neighbors peering in to your private home.
What to do? Just pick up the remote and close the curtains!
Pretty simple right?
You can also open and close your curtains by using a home assistant such as Amazons Alexa or Echo. Or you can use your smartphone or iphone, or through the Apple Home Kit. Motorized curtain track systems are also compatible with the many home automation devices available on the market. You can even open and close your curtains from a remote location, miles from your home.

Just about any curtain fabric or style will work with a motorized track system. You can have a circular curtain or an angled curtain design. Pretty cool right?
You can even get a dual curtain track system, in case you want curtains and drapes together, or even two different types of curtains for different levels of privacy or decor. It's totally up to you.
If you have a home theater, or if you have friends over to watch the big game or latest movie, a motorized track will become an awesome feature.
Your friends will be astonished and impressed when you discreetly push a button and suddenly the curtains begin to gently and smoothly close.
They may think there is something weird afoot, perhaps a ghost, or perhaps be startled with your special super powers.

The motor itself is quiet. The only sound you will hear is the curtains lightly sliding.
Installation is fairly simple. There is an assortment of installation videos to help you assemble and put together a motorized curtain track system. Easy peasy.