Gordon Hospital - 1035 Red Bud Rd, Calhoun, GA 30701


PowerCurtain supplied Gordon Hospital rooms with CL-920 curtain systems. This installation made hospital staying for many patients comfy and homy.

PowerCurtain supplies curtain track systems not only for Home Theater Drapery Systems applications but for all kinds of alternative applications, where Remote Controlled Motorized Drapery Systems are required.

Because of our design and build abilities and excellent pricing, PowerCurtain has been called upon often to fulfill curtain and drapery needs outside of the Home Theater applications. Other venues and customers include Worship Centers and Churches, Healthcare buildings, Educational buildings, Corporate Offices, The Hospitality Industry and Interior Designers. PowerCurtain also has the ability to create theme design, Green design, in both a residential and commercial settings. Architects purchase direct from us and often included our name, PowerCurtain on the architectural drawings. We have written many specifications for architects as well as assisted them in designing process. We have been referred to as "one stop shopping" for numerous projects and applications.

PowerCurtain has a network of installers capable of installing your project around the world. We work with top notch installers and integrators within the United Stated and around the world. Therefore, not only can we come up with a great design, we have the capabilities to install for you or your company within the United States or globally, if required. We can also provide field measuring for more complex designs.