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September 10 2008
Posted By Carlo Hsu

Motorized Window Treatments

Looking to spice up your home or office with some cool window treatments?
The choice of fabric and the look for your curtains and shades is up to you of course. It all depends on your taste and the decor' of your space.
However, there is a unique way to establish a trendy appearance of making your window treatments more stylish and fashionable.

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August 12 2007
Posted By Megan Shelly

Motorized Window Shade Kits

Upgrading your window shades and blinds is one of the more inexpensive and easy ways to change the decor of your home or apartment.
Imagine what a new set of shades will do for the look of your home's interior environment.

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July 10 2006
Posted By John Aschoff

Motorized Curtain Track Systems

Home automation is becoming a very popular thing these days.
Just about everything in the home is soon to become automated, including opening and closing your window curtains and shades.

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